holy shit hajkfhfkjahnf Your posts just gave me the chills I think I may have a tear or two in my eyes, well written. you are amazing

Wow, Thank you!! means a lot too me :) xoxo

I want to write about…

the different emotions that you cause to run wild within my heart.

About the way you make me feel when you initiate a kiss, or when your touch burns my skin that even after your hand has left my body I still feel it there.

I want to write how your words effect me good and bad. How you have the power to fill my heart with joy and sadness all in one day. You tell me things my heart loves to hear but you also say things that keep me grounded in my reality of us never really being.

I want to write how my body craves to know the feeling of just laying besides you and feeling your head on my chest.

Or just the brush of your fingertips on my knuckles when our hands intertwine.

I want to write about my deepest darkest secret of me loving you knowing my commitment is against that.

How as I lay everynight with him my heart is truly with you as you rest your head where you can hear her heartbeat.

I just want to write to see if all these feelings can be released so my heart doesn’t feel so heavy.

I just want to write ….
I love you

And it feels that some nights you linger on my mind and i cant keep your voice, touch , and promises off of my head. I cry because i miss what we had.I contemplate on the idea of us still being together and come up with scenarios of you and i still together, still laughing,and i break. You break me without you even knowing. You destroyed me,yet you have no clue.
And it feels that some nights your voice, touch,and promises dont linger through my mind. These are the nights i feel strong. The nights i think about myself and my happiness . The nights that i am at peace.
But then it seems you come crawling back into my mind,yet you have no clue. No clue that you are in charge of my mind, my joy and sadness without you even being aware…and i get scared..scared knowing youll be in charge all my life, forever lingering in my mind.